welcome to the world of acclaimed author Eleanor Webb.

​Racing like a firestorm onto the literary scene, Eleanor Webb has uncovered what makes for engaging storytelling in each body of her work.

The digital age becomes an endearing platform for Webb's masterful insights into history, accompanied by suspense, deception, intrigue, and the emotional toll involved with conflict, belonging, and romance.  

Readers from all over have been searching for stories that go beyond the quick fixes of today's instant gratification world while still wanting to be entrenched with every paragraph. Webb is able to persuade you to believe that you, yourself, are involved in each novel. Each character is an everyday person, just like you, placed in everyday situations and extraordinary circumstances. 

Acclaimed Author

Readers are offering up five-star reviews for each novel presented by Eleanor Webb.

Her newest novel "Going For The Gold" is setting the stage in her literary writing, as Webb convinces us that becoming our best is something we can attain--both in our endeavors and in our relationships.